About Us

The Executive Budget Office (EBO) is a division of the State of Alabama's Department of Finance. The mission of the EBO is to effectively prepare the Governor's budget proposal, properly administer and supervise the execution of legislative appropriations, estimate revenues for budget preparation and administration, and assist in the drafting of the budget appropriation bills.

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Doryan Carlton
State Budget Officer

Our Staff

The primary responsibilities of the budget analysts are as follows:

  • Work with their assigned agencies in the development of the agencies' budget requests and operations plans.
  • Monitor spending patterns to ensure compliance with approved operations plans.
  • Process revisions to operations plans based on program or spending plan changes that have been approved by the Governor and State Budget Officer.
  • Prepare legislative bills, substitutes and amendments as requested by the Governor, Finance Director, and other administration officials.
  • Provide up-to-the-minute information on bill status and the effect of certain legislation on state government finances.

Name Classification
 Doryan Carlton  State Budget Officer
 Laneita Littleton  Policy Advisor
 Lucretia Stephenson  Office Administrator
 Beth Ray  Senior Budget Analyst
 Julian Rogers  Senior Budget Analyst
 Alisha McDonald  Senior Budget Analyst
 William Hardy  Senior Budget Analyst
 Justin Taylor  Staff Budget Analyst
 Antoine Stevenson  Staff Budget Analyst
 Ashley McTear  Budget Analyst
 Patricia Ward  Budget Analyst
 Marshall Sanders  Performance Budgeting Support
 Kacy Wiginton  State Professional Trainee
 Alyssa Beam  State Intern
 Samar Khan  State Intern
 Corbin Phillips  State Intern

Statutory Authority

The EBO operates under the following laws:

  • Code of Alabama 1975, Sections 41-4-80 through 41-4-96, also known as the Fletcher Budget Act, which embodies the original budget authority;
  • Code of Alabama 1975, Sections 41-19-1 through 41-19-12, also known as the Budget Management Act, which expands the scope of the budget authority and financial management and requires the EBO to assist the Governor and agencies in the preparation of program and financial plans, develop form and content of budget submission packages, review operations plans of the state agencies, and report quarterly to the Governor and Legislature on agency operations;
  • Constitutional Amendment 26, which prohibits deficit spending;
  • Constitutional Amendment 448, which requires the Governor to submit the executive budget proposal to the Legislature on or before the second legislative day.

Executive Budget Office
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Phone: (334)242-7230
FAX: (334)242-3776

Executive Budget Office
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Montgomery, AL 36130-2610
Phone: (334)242-7230
FAX: (334)242-3776