Instructions and Forms

To meet the statutory requirements of the Budget Management Act, Section 41-19-1 et. seq., Code of Alabama 1975, agencies and institutions must submit an annual budget request to the Executive Budget Office (EBO). This request is to be submitted in the Performance Budgeting application of the State of Alabama Accounting and Resource System (STAARS). The due date for Budget Requests, as set by statute, is November 1st of every year.

To assist the Department of Finance with allocating the funding appropriated by the Legislature, all agencies receiving an appropriation must submit an Operations Plan dividing that appropriation into quarterly allotments. Additionally, a Quarterly Performance Report detailing the work accomplished and the services provided by the agency must be submitted through the STAARS Quarterly Performance Reporting (QPR) application. The targets for the upcoming fiscal year are due with the Operations Plan, with quarterly actual data submitted in January, April, July and October.

During the 2015 Regular Session, the Legislature passed Act 2015-438 that requires the Executive Budget Office to collect federal receipt and expenditure information from certain state agencies and report annually to the Joint Fiscal Committee of the Legislature. Reports are due to the EBO by October 31st of each year, and should contain the previous fiscal year’s information.