Upcoming Due Dates

September, October, November


**September 15th - FY24 Budget Request Instructions sent out to all State Agencies and Post-secondary InstitutionsĀ  (Thursday, 09/15/22)**


**October 3rd - Performance Budgeting will be accessible to enter FY24 Budget Requests (Monday, 10/03/22)**

**October 31st - Federal Receipts and Expenditure Reporting are due by 5:00pmĀ  (Monday, 10/31/22)**

**October 31st - 4th Quarter FY22 QPR Actuals are due by 5:00pm (Monday, 10/31/22)**


**November 1st - All FY 24 Budget Requests must be submitted to the Executive Budget Office for approval (Tuesday, 11/01/22)**